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Press Service & Calibration

Ridge Solutions have extensive expertise with press brakes across a range of different industries. We can provide regular servicing of your machine, decreasing the risk of larger and more costly problems that can occur. We also provide calibration of all press axes to achieve their optimal possible performance.

  • Calibration of the Y Axis reference position for precise bending angles
  • Calibration of the Y1 and Y2 Axis reference positions for even bending along the length of your job 
  • Calibration of the CNCs’ control over the Y Axis travel for smoother operation through the bending cycle
  • Calibration of the Crowning function to correct uneven bend angles along the length of your product
  • Calibration of the X Axis for precise bend length measurements
  • Re-alignment of the safety control system 
  • Check electrical control cabinets for any loose terminal connections, burnt out relay contacts or sticky contactors
  • Replacement of hydraulic pressure filters and breathers
  • Check oil level and oil condition 
  • Check hydraulic system for any loose hose or pipe fittings
  • 12 month phone support