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Operator Training

We provide tailored on-site training solutions for your operators for existing machiney and new installations. This is designed to provide them with the skills to use the machines to their fullest capacity. In addition, they will also achieve a greater understanding of the machines safety systems.

Greater understanding of the machines operation can result in fewer issues and less down time.

  • Giving your Press Brake operator the training they need to get the most out of your CNC or NC controller
  • Increase productivity through greater understanding of the use of the Press Brake
  • Can provide training on how to create and store programs on your CNC controller for products that are frequently bent
  • We can provide your operator a better understanding of their machines safety system to enable a greater comfort with the machine
  • Highlight key areas of the press brake to the operator, which helps Ridge Solutions to better understand your problem over the phone
  • Show the operator areas where they can make minor calibration changes to the machine to get better performance